Plastic Moulding

Metal Pressing

Injection Moulding

TML specialises in technical injection moulding for the medical, dental, electronic and white and brown goods sectors as well as for the general industrial sector.  

Production capacity at the main manufacturing site continues to grow with an average of one moulding machine being added annually for the last four years. The company's 21 year-old production pedigree means that there are very very few technical moulding issues not already seen and solved. 

The Managing Director's training in production and value-added engineering ensure that these values are spread throughout the company. A core of established setters and operators also ensures that TML production and quality matters run smoothly together and that the customer's parts are therefore produced in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Dick Walsh, Managing Director, TML Ltd

The TML factory floor, manufacturing culture and production environment is second to none.

Ergonomics, health and safety, environmental issues, clarity, lighting and work layout are all immediately apparent to the first-time visitor. Clients, designers, engineers, customers and other industrialists are encouraged to visit the TML shop floor in order to learn more about the injection moulding process as it affects their projects with the company. 

Key partnerships with technology suppliers such as Wittmann Battenfeld ensure that TML can continue to offer the latest refinements in plastics processing together with production speed and value-for-money. Capabilities in metals (please see here for details) also ensure that TML is also able to design and manufacture plastics-with-metal parts and products.